Genre:                      Dramedy, Family

Duration:                            90 Minutes

Language:                               English 

Location:                                  Hawaii

Writer:                              Sheri Smith

Year:                                           2024

Rating:                                     PG-13

Budget:                     Up To $1 Million​

LOGLINE: A woman in Hawaii weathers divorce after years of bullying and struggles to keep her castle-themed vacation rental business afloat when the lava starts to cut off her home/income. The real test of aloha is dealing with the failing health of her soulmate, her German Shepherd Dog, and doing her "duty" to help him get to the rainbow bridge.

Actual Castle on the Big Island of Hawaii.

An Indie Motion Picture Inspired by True Events

"You only have one heart dog in a lifetime, the one who grabs your heart so tight he changes your life." 


People Make Plans​