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People Make Plans

​​a feature film screenplay - inspired by true events
Finalist AND Award Winner in two contests


A woman in Hawaii weathers divorce after years of bullying and struggles to keep her castle-themed vacation rental business afloat when the lava starts to cut off her home/income.
The real test of aloha is dealing with the failing health of her soulmate, her German Shepherd.

Shelly is facing divorce after 25 years of marriage to a bully (#MeToo!). When income isn't sufficient to stay afloat as life keeps throwing curve balls, she remains positive and desperately believes in the Law of Attraction and manifestation. She is the definition of "eternal optimist".  The Castle is a vacation rental she and her husband built and it needs more and more repairs to be able to host guests. She does and spends whatever necessary on the house so it won't get bad reviews.

As things go from bad to worse, Shelly does have joy with "her boy" as she calls Ray. They do agility, 
Schutzhund, and he is her service dog. They are connected at the hip. She considers him the child she never had. The one thing she cannot fix with her determination and sheer will is Ray’s health challenges. She has no qualms spending every penny she can get her hands on for his vet bills. 
When thirty-something Rachel moves into the subdivision, Shelly sees her younger self in Rachel. The two strike up a friendship and Shelly senses something is not quite right with her new friend and discovers Rachel's husband is abusive. She offers to have Rachel move in and together they struggle down life’s rocky path while enjoying The Big Island of Hawaii, its uniqueness and Hawaiian culture. Then the lava threatens to cut off the community. 

Even though only seven years old, Ray’s health continues to deteriorate despite pouring money into vet visits trying to fix him. The true test of aloha is when it becomes apparent that Shelly must "do her duty" and kill her soulmate, her best friend. After which she knows her life will never be the same. Rachel finds out she is pregnant, something Shelly knew she would never do (she identifies with Oprah and Ellen and revels in the fact that she is in good company). With Shelly’s support, Rachel divorces her cheating husband. 
​In the end, the family both Shelly and Rachel seek is right in front of them.


People Make Plans 
​by Sheri Smith

Length - 91 mins.
Location - Hawaii Island (Big Island)
WGA 1856667       Copyright 2016
(714) 904-8442
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